Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Been lethargic lately.


Pretty much isn't cool that I have been really tired for the past week. While at work I never fail to like get a 10 sec shut eye (by sitting down). I have no idea why.

Maybe because my mense's coming or I haven't get enough sleep lately.
& of course, stupid breakouts.

Oh well.
yesterday I didn't update because after work went to crash at bf's house. Really exhausted.

Today I was to do buffet area. I tell you. I look like am gonna die anytime. It's seriously tiring..

got veins already. i really wonder.

I wish I could bitch about this particular somebody. am not close. But apparently that person love to pick a fight with me. Or maybe it's just individual's way. But seriously. That person pisses me off so bad that anytime that person were to tell me to do this n that in a rude way, am just gonna fuck that person up and dun gv a damn. Tiao mofo cibai.

Aaron's motherboard crashed. Pity him. so he's currently computerless. & lonely. Lol. I always & will never fail to miss him even thou i was with him like the whole day.  Hee.

Oh yeah I did mention I have a new kitten like way back right? Ok if you people are interested, or lemmerefresh u, it's name's Hershey. & it's a female. Cutiee ritee??  Ok she's now extremely naughty. I had a fish bowl in my room with 1 baby fighting fish. SHE LITERALLY ATE IT!. OH MY GOD LA. Now I have a second fighting fish . I caught her in the act. The fish was almost dying. Poor my fishie. I now put the fish bowl in the toilette.

Hershey is a very spoilt and pampered (like me) kitty. She only shuts up when you carry her. & she only eat food like chicken wings if you hand feed her. Tell me about it. *roll eyes*


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