Monday, January 5, 2009

urgh. Fine

I am to give you a proper entry and not all the random feelings.

RonRon booked out on Wed afternoon and he booked in on Sunday evening.
Good thing is that his camp is quite slack and he can book in anytime before 10.30pm.

I am thinking over for a healthy lifestyle.

I have to freaking make a timetable of what time am to wake up, what time to eat light breakfast and start doing my sit ups and you know all those stuff. Add in I can't depend on my high metabolic body anymore as you can see I gained 2-3kg already. This is horror. Oh my weight now is 43kg. I am 40 or 41 kg. Before u all start saying am underweight or shits like that, I am not. Plus I am short. Any more weight will make me look like a teapot. Short & stout. I hate it.

Plus I have a reputation to keep here. Reputation of having limited fats but lotsa fats at the right areas. & I need to start playing hula hoop already. I cant stand my waist line from 24 jumped to 26. BLAME MY SHORT BODY!

& mom kept tellin me to do something about my fat stomach! U see, i eat ALOT. & no exercise to reduce this fat ass. ARGHHH!!!

Oh, & i passed my Principles of Business Management Paper >:D 1 more to go....


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