Sunday, January 11, 2009

Things I do/did/done/doing

Am here trying to think of what to blog next.
With Tikkie sleeping beside me.
Tissue stuck on my nose.
& getting ready to read 'One Night Stand' by Julie Cohen(well you see, i can't stand it that I can't read 'Eclipse' due to no stock from whole Singapore so I bought 3 more mini books to read. Some girl romance novels. Now u see how desperate I am????).

I am to upload my resume on JobsDb but haha. I'm not satisfied with my resume.

Eh. wait a minute, my tissues gone..

Ok back. So, I have not been out of home much, and not been camwhoring since forever and oh yeah, I took a passport size photo and guess what? I LOOKED SO FAT i could die. Maybe i have to be in a much strict diet whereby I just eat raw broccoli and drink tons of water(as a tip from the book 'Singletini') and fart my ass off. Plus gym *twitches*..ARGH!!

I know i know.. Its so waste of valuable time that you're reading this but who cares? & anyway, i don't have much people to gossip about because, I don't have enemies or to be more precise, am too tired of getting to know new people who only like you with what they see or they can gain from that kinda shit. & to those past bad experiences of 'friends'(welll, it IS part of my fault..BUT who told them to start it FIRST?), taught me a valuable lesson to just dun bother being nice. Adds in Mr.Bf, i only need him, my family & my girls..oh oh adds in my kitties. 

Oh, I saw this product selling online. F-cup product like F-cup cookies,supples,tea etc. It's made from Japan. & it is said to grow ur boobs. It's getting kinda popular here I THINK. So erm, those who want to have big boobs, go buy :D I have enough for myself although I would want it bigger. & not to mention, it's only for 21 years & above.

I am missing school life. & I am blaming MDIS big time for making me wait for the fucking results. I can't stand this suspense. That's not it, I won't get my cert in just 24 hours (considering thousands of studs there.DUH!). Argh, mofomofomofo.

Ok I have no idea what to blog about aside that am upset with:

1) The seller for Eclipse BACKED OUT ON ME!

2) I am having trouble with my nose.

3) I am having a big headache!

4) Some guy is giving me wrong signals and its upsetting me big time because i dun like any other guy treating me like am his gf and at e same time said am like a friend to him. How confused can this guy get?! Not to mention, he's most prolly wooing my best friend? HE better treat her good!

Argh. Am too upset with everything to go on. Night


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