Monday, January 19, 2009

Mense cramps..

It's only the 8teenth. Am suppose to get them on the 21st -.-

Review of the day:

LG phone sucks. No offence to LG lovers but the functions are low quality. I like their sleek designs but functions is a total ZER0.

Ong Bak 2 is a nice Thai martial arts show but VERY BAD ending.

Review for my body:

My stomach is getting bigger. Yes. fat -.-' But overall am still small. Maybe i AM going to be like a teapot. Personally Shir, I prefer me looking THIN like I used to be xD. My boobs are not going any smaller and its very troublesome. It's troublesome when ppl kept accidentally hitting them .

RonRon's B'day is coming this Tuesday. BUT. We celebrated it yesterday & it was quite all right. Mom taught me how to cook Beef Rendang for him and she baked him his b'day cake. E icing was ugly! But he said he dun mind. I'm so sorry baby!!(psst, i put the icing :P) Before e cake cutting ceremony, we karaoke-ed. Haha. After that we're to eat outside & then bowling but DAD went to CWP and spent at least 1 hour just to get 2 newFREE phones. Damn kiasu Singaporeans. SO in the end we just ate dinner and went back home. Me & RonRon went to watch movie and some time alone & off he went home. OH oh.

-DAD invited him personally to sleepover at our house. OMG. Never did tat happen to any tom,dick,harry that was my boyfriend. HAHAHA. I so love him.

I have to sleep now. Gotta wake up by 5 AM to go JB.

Miss u RonRon, Shir, Syasya, iKa, Hui Hui, Qiu Yan, adeQ & erm.. whoever right now i can't remember . SLEEPY!


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