Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Forever la.

With all due respect.

I don't really care if whoever you are 'terase' you know.
Cause if you were/are like that, then just face it la.
& if you really don't know, it's not as if am chasing him or anything,
I don't give a shit.

So anyways.
This weekend will be spent by..

Bowling i guess.
If not pool.
But if really not Wild Wild Wet?
& if really really not.. Rock Band 2?

I really cant make up my mind.
I miss playing WoW.
I really need to get my photo taken for my resume.

Lighter note..
I don't eat junks after 9pm anymore. I started eating papayas. & i really need to stock up on my fruits.

& RonRon msged saying he may be able to have a night out. Let's just wait in 2 hours time. Oh am planning to bathe ard 4 so in case he can/cannot go, there's still hope in a sense =/


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