Monday, January 5, 2009

Those stupid times

It's funny now that no matter what I do, or go to, memories always haunt me back.

It's not surprising the EX had a new girl after the previous one of just a 1-2 months of break up. Or was it 3?

& surprisingly the new girl is.. a god-sis i had years back.

Just to clear things up, I am not jealous or whatever negative feelings i have. It is just that, this is ever the first time in my life to know a guy or a so called man who is NEVER true to his words. He promised me a lot of things. & to put it short, he made it sound like he's so damn confident that he could do it which in turn he got no balls to and poof all promises gone.

Haha. I am laughing now thinking back on how head over heels i was with this "man". I can never be more wrong about him. 

& i really hope he'll take care of his new gf. 

It's easy to trust his words girl.. But be more wary because all his decent looks are not everything u think it is.. 

I can guarantee you because in the end, I was the one who gotta suck out this poison alone that is still lingering around, and the one who has to pay & carry the burden, is my most belove. 

If he change because of you, I will really salute you.

I have a lot of things to diss about. A lot to mock about. But you know what? U chose what you want, you shall bear the good/bad consequences and we shall see, how much he charm you.. & hopefully in the end, your happy dream will last through your life. 

Good luck girl. You'll need it.:D

How love had blind us all.

P.s Baby. Gaming pleaaseeee *pouts*
& how much i miss RonRon now


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