Sunday, December 9, 2007

Cramps Day La.

Current Doing: Lazing around & resting
Wishing for: more money.

So past 1 week was my dance practice and stuff for Christmas party at Ulu2 this coming Sunday. Been pretty tiring and i think i stressed my muscles a bit too much. That led to me walking like a pregnant woman. Haha. Pity Aaron & Shir.

So morning I attended my dance practice.
Afternoon met up with dear Aaron to Causeway point & do some light shopping,bought him a ring, and grab a present for Hui Hui. haha. I gave a very peculiar present for a 19 year old. Hahahs.
& then after that met up with darling Shir to grab her blades back from ECP. Hell yeah its far.
The whole day we end up taking cabs.

From Marsiling to ECP. We walked from ECP to parkway parade to eat Sashimi at Sakae Sushi.
Funny thing was I didn't wanna try raw food. I saw famous amos and wanted to like buy some cookies n make myself full so i dun need to eat sashimi. Unfortunately, aaron & shir managed to pull me back after like me making weird U-turns to escape them.. & me pinching Shir's boobs in the middle of parkway parade. HAHAHHAHAHHA.Shir taught me how to eat the sashimi. She said my expression was priceless. It isnt that bad. Just that. Too much of it makes me go ..mmmmurgghhmm.. But i like e torched salmon!! YUM YUM YUM!!!

After Parkway Parade, we waited for a fucken cab fer more than 1 hour just to go to Sembawang park. We should have grabbed e bus n took a cab from woodlands. E fare wud be little. Damn.i hate cabs. For long distance i mean. So we managed to arrive there ard 12 or so. & well the bbq pit was ok. Many friends came. Its just plain fun laaa... Me & Qiu Yan ended up dancing n stuff. I ended up grinding on Shirin. Hahahaha. So danced and drink and around 2 plus went home. Called a taxi. I was a bit laggy. 0.2 secs laggy. hahaha.

Then we went home.. Aaron accompanied me home. N tadah. HOME. Pheww..
Btw since the xmas thingy. Am changing my song to some Xmas song :D NYEHAHAH.

P.s Its officially over ..


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