Thursday, December 27, 2007

Stupidest Day

Current Doing: Nothing much
Wishing for: Drinks.

Haha. Today was kinda stupid.
Let me go straight to the point.

1st stupid thing happened.

Was that I was serving customer ice water. & i stupidly had to use the rectangular tray instead of the round tray. It wasn't balanced, so the glasses spilled on the tray which certain water just happened to jump & landed on the customer. I apologized profusely & the customers laughed. I was fucking lucky they're really friendly.

2nd most embarrassing.

I am working at e buffet side. Since the restaurant has an Ala carte side & buffet side, I was distracted with my thinkin, that after clearing plates.. i was looking down not knowing i walked around the Ala carte side. I looked up, stood still like one dumbass fer a few seconds, realised i was at the wrong side, sprinted to the buffet side. It was fucking embarrassing. THANK GOD no one noticed!!!!!

3rd stupid thing happened.

I just have to get an overflow of mense on a busy day >.> frustrating!

Add ons

Like i threw the cutleries in the dustbin o.O God knows for what. Oh & my english was all wrong. Like seriously I am wondering what happened. Argh.

Other than that, after work was with BABY~! & that's e only time i enjoyed myself :D

p.s I have fallen... in love :)


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