Saturday, December 22, 2007


Current Doing: Chatting on Msn at e hotel lobby
Wishing for: Be in Aaron's arms. Damn.

So here i am now. In Malacca. & only enjoying the shopping & eating part.

Headed off from Marsiling at around 630am. Hell yeah. & entered Johor by 715 am.

So we ended up getting our breakfast at this north indian restaurant. Called Amma's Restaurant I think. I swear. It was delicious !! Like the spices they used are really different from what I always tasted. & the dining experience is slightly different from most. Like they served Hot beverages North Indian Way I think. If am not wrong its North. Haha. But wth. Aaron! I wanna bring u there one day!! It's really delicious! Oh & shir too!!

Next stop was my Aunt's place. I was asleep there. & by 9.30 am we started our journey. I slept throughout the journey. Its boring. Frankly, I wanted to wake myself up to like entertain me dad or something. Pity him. But i couldn't open my eyes. So yeah thats why.

We arrived at Straits Meridien Hotel at around 12 plus noon. Check in was at 2pm. The hotel is 3 stars. To me its really pathetic. Because am used to 4 or 5 stars. We wanted to. but then, the better hotels were fully booked. & was left with this pathetic. Oh well. Better than nothing.

So I figured out that there's only wireless at e lobby >.>. FUCKING PATHETIC. So yeah u guessed. Am in the lobby bloggin and chattin and stuff.

I went to eat at Kenny Roger's. Then at night went to eat at some unknown coffee shop. But the food there isn't that bad. Urghhh.. I have nothin much to say aside that I am so missing my baby (aaron) & fucking tired due to e lack of sleep. & &. I miss like almost everyone at ulu2. & i am feeling cold :(

P.s I think i'm fallin... :)


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