Monday, December 17, 2007

Under the block

As usual.

& oh. Aaron is superly adored by me. Frankly. He isn't good in the 'How you're suppose to treat your gf' part. Or like what to expect or do when she's down. Or she's feeling all complicated and confused. Like the mood swings & stuff. But he is good on how to be gentleman. Haha. Like a date kinda thing. Frankly speaking.. I give him a 6/10 fer overall. Pass cause he managed to surprise me. & that he makes me comfortable with him. Other than that.. hopefully he'll slowly learn. & of course. I shall keep him as innocent as he is.

I really mean. Innocent.

& oh. E ex got out of jail. He msged me on a Sat morning. Can't be bothered. I felt neutral.

Right now. I AM BORED! Lemme see what games i can play. Taa~


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