Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Chistmas :)

Current Doing: Waitin for Aaron to get back
Wishing for: To get better

So Merry Christmas everyone :D
P.s the keyboard suck. Thanks to Aaron -.-

I couldn't go to Botanical Gardens today.
First day period plus headache (maybe due to e lack of sleep),
& also slight fever.

In the end am spending in Aaron's house till now..
Oh & dun worry. His whole fam is around :D:D
& also we spent ferst 1 hour or 2 eatin potato chips & dipping
it in mashed eggs. It was Yummy!

I couldn't finish. My appetite wasn't here.
Then we spent e rest of the day sleeping.
I was too tired due to the period & the headache.
I just woke up actually.

& hungry..

Oh baby.. Please hurry with the food... Am dying soon ~
& I AM falling....


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