Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Current Doing: Resting the stomach
Wishing for: Something to do

I had a scary dream. & i now forgot what its about. OH wait. Now I remember. It's about vomiting. Fuckingly disgusting.

So well. Monday was pretty fun. I couldn't make it for my dance practice as I was aching so fucking badly all over. Now it's slightly better. Still! I have to like save up for Sunday! & yes. I am going for dance practfrom Wed till Sat.

So on Mon I went out with Aaron to cut our hair. Haha. It was orite. Aaron looked really young. & yeah to add in cute. We quickly went to our next destination & that's Bugis. Yeah. I was trying to find whatever dresses that i could find. I COULDN'T. & from then on, i realised i will not really go Bugis to buy dresses. Their quality sucks sia. So in the end I just bought this one shades that made me look really rockstar.

After that me n aaron were pretty much hungry. Decided to go Manhattan Fish Market at PS. Yum2 . Both of us ordered the Norwegian King Salmon meal. It waas nice. But didn't really give me that heaven feeling. It was just rili something I wud eat again & again. So after that we quickly took e train & headed for Orchard. To go Far East. Then was walking around when Aaron called me and showed some couple ring. Its really sweet looking. I loove it! Aftr that, we went to search fer my dress. Round & Round we went. & i finally settled my eyes on this greenish shade tube dress. Its really pretty!

Now that am satisfied, we went to British Take Away & bought Fried Mars Bars. Super yum yum. YUMMY LAA!! It so made me melt!!!!!! After that went back to the ring shop to claim our rings and tadah. My ring has his name & his ring has my name. Cutee..

We went back home. Under my block. & started cam whoring. & dancing. Hahaha. Imagine that. Dancing under me block. AFter that we went home as dear isnt feeling all well and stuff. So yeah.

That's all fer now :)


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