Friday, November 30, 2007


Current Doing: Self made manicure
Wishing for: Aaron & whip cream

I turned someone into a vampire.
Now. I have someone to rule the dark world together.
& i just had a self manicure.
& its oh so cute.

Just wait till I go to work n if they have a spot check.
I think i'll be dead.
Dun worry.
Hygiene thingy i will wear gloves.
See. protected.
Rubbers are always good.
Oh yeah.
Tmr am gonna be an assembler.
I shud wear gloves.
I dun wanna chop my manicure.
Oh shucks. GIRLS. *roll eyes*

Secrets out:

I always try get a glimpse of him from far.
Haha. Sounds really sec school.
But really. It was rarely i wanna get a glimpse of him.
Even if i put always.
I only meant it when i wanna see him when am BORED.

Oh. Rhen has been a pretty bad friend.
He ignored me. Totally.
Because maybe am closer to Aaron.
I wonder why..
He like me??
Can't be.
URGH. Whatever.
Aishah also e same sia..
But towards Aaron.

Don't know.
Don't care.
Oh i saw that bastard today at work. In the Manager room.
I nearly said fuck big time.
Coz they were bitching abt me.

Nothing much to add in. urgh..


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