Saturday, November 10, 2007

Last & Final last

I told u.
When i say no.
U will keep saying yes.

So now that i am bored of u whining.
When u claimed i don't matter.
I don't know whats ur motive of talking about me.

I shall wait till ur ego cools down.
& that i dun care what ur side gonna think of me.
N now that u really dun matter to me.
I duno what u want from me really.
To beg u? N satisfy ur ego? In ur dreams.
Oh wait. I forgot. I dun matter.
So stop "blah blah" about me.

I didn't think i was perfect.
I didn't think i was as hot or whatever.
I didn't think i will get myself into this kinda 'Girl between Girl' kinda treatment from u.

Oh well. That's just life la kan.
So here's my last talk about u.
& my last msg to u.
Get a Life to bitch about.
Coz if u do have a life.
U wud have just let this situation talked over n Done.
Not bad-mouthing.
I dun expect a sorry from u.
I know ur ego.


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