Monday, November 26, 2007

Fun & Tiring week

Current Doing: Lying down
Wishing for: My belly to like HEAL!!

So Sunday was a cooking day for me & Aaron!!
It was alrite at first.. I mean like..
Its my first time cooking with a guy.
What a cute experience. Yippee!

We bought stuffs from Cold storage.
Was planning on Crabs but in the end we just ate salmon, beef and some other snacks here and there. It was a nice experience. When i arrived at his home.. it was still raining. His mom was there.. I was just tongue tied to speak chinese to her so in e end we just speak very brief qns like nice or not? Haha. She gave me a small token of appreciation. Its really.... shocking... Even to Aaron. Well I guess I made her day. Sweet!

We started cooking and stuff at 6 plus. It was.. hot..
Basically we had dinner :)
Then to his room to play games :)

Went back at 10 plus pm..
Reached home at 2349 hours. Wooo~

Was pretty sick after that. With my Flu and my never ending sneeze.

Work has been fine lately. Just that Wed till Fri i started at 3 till 11. Bcoz :

1) Nothing to do at home.
2) Wanna try to be a workaholic (look at wad happen now. FLU + SORE THROAT)
3) Him :P Aaaron.

Yeah. Thats just it.
& work has their embarrassing and funny moments .
Am not gonna tell you because. Its plain embarrassing. Those who were there knew.

Today met him AGAIN. Because he cycled all the way here.
We didn't do anything much. Because there's nothing to do. End up watching tv, he talking to my lil bro and lil sis. Lil sis calling him Ah Beng. & yeah. Thats mostly it. OH OH. n cycled ard. It was fuuuuun!! & painful. & erm.. drank..

Ok thats about him.

Now about the EX. I do not know. I JUST DO NOT KNOW.
Its fading. I know. it is.

P.s When can we do it again :P???? Sunday??


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