Friday, November 16, 2007

Never been there for me.

U had never been there for me u jerk.
So why the fuck should i even patch up with u?

U were only about what you gonna do.
U were only there if anything is about you..

U were only there if you're e one who wants anything.

U only provide money.
U only provide things.
U were never there physically when i need you.
U were never there when i need to talk.
U were never there when all others were.

So you said you're busy.

Why commit when you know you can't?
Why commit when the special can't fit in ur schedule?
Why commit?
When you know you're gonna hurt her.& urself in e end?

No. You do not know she's hurt.

You of all people. Should know me the best.
How come i'm feeling.
You're the last person to know who i am?

You said i assume things.
I say what I see.
U said actions speaks louder than words.
I say this is what i see.
N this is not an assumption.

& i hate it that am loving you.
But on e other hand.
I am loving it that i hate you.

So please. Don't come near me. Ever.


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