Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Just plain updates.

Current Doing: Just chattin
Wishing for: I don't know. Pasta

Major things first.
Sun spose to go with shir to ECP.
I can't.
& i am feeling guilty about it.
Ignored all calls from everyone.

I do not know whats up with me lately.
Sigh. I shall give Shir a surprise then.

I have some pictures that are tryin to look vamp-ish.
Its really cool to me.
Coz it was mainly the make up.
My make up was plain actually. But overall.. Its e skin tone that counted. & i really look pale. Like death.

Argh. Aaron showed me zodiacs and stuffs. Lol. LOL.LOLOLOLOL.


Anyone going ZoukOut? Hmms..


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