Saturday, November 3, 2007

Silent Cries.

Current Doing: Pondering
Wishing for: -Nil-

I had some fun time just now. It was always the best with the girls. Never the first.. & never gonna be the last to enjoy every single minute with them.
They are always.. What i call. The best memories.. Even when I'm down, when i think of the times am with them. It just lift me up. It gives me hope that I'm just not alone.

So Shir,Syasya & me had chocs orgasm at erm.. I forgot the place's name. Max something But i know its opposite Harry's :) The chocs there are infinite times better than Ms clarity cafe. I am so happy. Like. It was super delicious. I had like lotsa chocs. In the end, syasya n me n shir kinda got hyperactive. Too much chocs. feeling was way better than sex. It's like in heaven. We literally melt in front of other customers. Haha. E BEST la!

So we were enjoying ourselves. We end up walking along Boat Quay to take pictures. Just a note.. Pics are with Shir. So i can't post any of them here :( SO sorrii. Around 9 plus pm we head for e mrt to meet Fik otw at somerset. So yeah. Wwe all went home. Had an interesting convo with Shir about sex as a culture way back long long time ago before any religion was up. So yeah. Thats much about it.

I am gonna write up something i am feeling..

I am sittin here.
Everything that I could remember..
Be it then or now.

I dun remember.. e last time..
someone really loved me.
& really showed it to me.
I dun remember..
someone showed it to me..
Not with money..
But his actions..

Sorry if i sound.. self-centered now.
Coz i learnt Love is that..
No matter what it is..
You always put HER ferst before you.
N vice versa.
Now tell me...

How am i to do that?
When none really convinced me?
None i know really showed?
Or is it just that..
I don't wanna give a chance?
Give e risk?
Bcoz am scared of getting hurt?
Or scared of me hurting them?

What is it i really want?
A perfect man? No. I don't like perfects.
I rather love an ugly guy..
Who really knows how to love me..
N teach me how to love him..
N be there. Teach me What is love. IN every aspect of my life..
A guy who never fears to show his weak side..
N on e other.. Who doesn't take my body as an advantage..
A guy who considers each other's opinions..
Who listens when am not happy/happy.
Who tells me its right to feel whatever am feeling/gonna feel..

A guy who shows. Love is wonderful. Be it hard times we're gonna have. & make me feel am the only woman in this world he loves & will love forever.

Post script ; Please boys. Don't say you can b the one. Coz when ur with me. You know. It's Hard to be one. & please stop saying I won't know if i dun give u boys a chance. Coz i know. U WILL never be one if everything u do , comes with a price. So. Fuck you.


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