Friday, November 2, 2007

Malay community in Singapore

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Lately. It was kinda boring. Did not really meet up with friends or anything. Was just stuck at home doing house chores.

So you can roughly guess. It WAS boring. Well. I dun really care anyway.

So I have been contacting this Zul. Frankly speaking, he... isn't really my type. But no harm making friends.

Ok. I wanna talk about my race or something. Somehow, some people misunderstood me. They think i'm against my own race. Well i'm not. I just don't fancy mixing with SOME of them. I shall tell you why.

NOTE: Content do not refer to any being. This is all in general and I meant SOME.

1) I was brought up in a slightly different way. Slightly different way of thinking.
2) When I see my own race, lazing around under the blocks, smoking their life away(not that i dun smoke. I already stop like 1 week & tryin my best), and screaming talking laughing their lungs out oh plus the long hours (& i meant ard 12 hrs or so), i don't think i like to portray myself as them.
3) Like I will start wondering, how come a lot of malays out of school? Like they started having kids. HELL. i dun even give a shit if you are rich. But i pity e kid ur bringing/gonna bring up knowing that IF you have no money, what fuck kind of life would that be? Can't u all be a bit more responsible? I dun care u all ruin ur life. But dun ruin the others.
4) I do believe, we malays are LAZY. I admit, at times i could be lazy but don't u ppl have like some motivation or something?

Psychology shows: These kind of people are deprived of attention. Or to say, some have family problems. It always start from their young.
If so that you people knwo something's wrong in e family, why are u people make it look more complicateD? Like, why are u people plain stupid and ignorant? Are u proud of who u become? Well friends told me its hard to stop when u start; be it drugs,booze,fags,fucks. I believe you & i fully understand cause part of e category is me. & to understand you all, is i have to go through it(thou tat isnt really e reason y i did it). But u have to be responsible of ur actions uh. If you wanna stop, find help. If u dun wan, then i am tempted to say ur a dumbfuck but on e other hand, u may have major issues. So I can only say, if you have trouble, get help. Don't because of ur ego, u dun get help and u suffer alone. Hell, u people know all these stuff. Jangan cakap, " Aku tahu...Tapi susah uh". Seriously, keep ur excuses to urself. The world dun care whats ur reason really. As much as i know, the world IS cruel. So you cant expect those ard u to think differently (in a good way) of you. Coz what you're doing is killing ur already freaked up life. I still dun understand why u malays think really short term. I dun understand why u all cant think in a better way. If your life seems bad, you're e one who makes it bad. If things already happened the way they were, try to change it for e better. Not prolong it. I dunno. I am sad. I fear for u all.

Now tell me people. Is it wrong for me not to really mix with my kind? Yes i do mix with some. But they are people who are constructive. & i love them.

Oh well. That's the end for me.

I miss.................

Urs.. iQi

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