Thursday, November 8, 2007

U Tasted it. But u didn't Get it. HAHA

First of all yeah.

Keep ur emotions in tact. Wait. I dun blame u for being angry.
But it doesn't give you any rights to insult me the way you did.
Especially when ur fuckingly assuming alot of shits.

Well boy. I am worse than her (or so u thought) because she LOVES u.
While i Don't.
N if ur assuming am being random. Its really up to you. Even if i say no.
U will say yes.

N ferst. I won't get AIDS by fucking 1 who isnt e kind who fucks around.
Haha. I didn't even fuck you.
I didn't fuck anyone else except the ex.
I didn't want you to like me in the first place.
In the first place i DID told u to GO.
Look who's putting in your ego.
Stop thinkin you can GET whatever you want.
I dun care if i dun matter to you.
I dun care what you wanna call me.
You can call me anything u want.
But u cant call me LOSER.
I lost nothin. Sheesh.

Oh & please.
Quit twist & turnin like i'm HEAD OVER HEELS about you.

Cause the irony is.

I"M NOT EVEN YOURS in the first place. HAHA. In your face bitch.

Cerita ni bobal sini abes sini.

This story ends here. & i am NOT gonna prolong abt it.Sheesh.


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