Saturday, November 3, 2007

Silent Cries II

I'm not studying.
Fuck. Why?

What is this blogging meant for again?
Wait. Wait.
To share? To speak out? To tell u r boring life?
I dunno.

But for me. Its where I can vent most of my feelings on.

& somehow.. At e end of d dae.. It makes me feel better.
(provided those who read dun rili bring it up again)

Its like. thousands of ppl reading this.
Thats y.. people took it seriously.

What did i get myself into?
Another love trap thingy?

Now that I have walked on & on & on.
Just to come back to e main place.
It suck.

So i am lost. Who to help me?
Oh wait.. I only have myself now. To help me.

Why do i cry?
Because am..hurt? Or am i feeling sorry for myself for being dumb?
Ego down iqi..

I wish i never grew up..

We know u dun mean tat sweets.

I wish i never have met nor knew him.
I wish i never have so to spare myself.
& i dun care if i sound selfish.
True love.. I had tasted is from me rents..

Why search for me when ur not ready?
Why must people like me when i told them not to?
Why dun they listen when i told them not to?
Why say you love me.. When you don't?
Why are you a jerk?
Why do i feel hurt with e person i love most?
Why do you like hurting me?
Why be with me when u know things will never be the same?
Why call me when you don't need me?
Why promise me when you know u can't be there?
Why call me your baby.. When am last on ur list?
Why..God wants me to meet u?

Because.. ur just another. Asshole. Ur just another guy. & i am happy. To think it that way. I hate you.

Anger & Hurt

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