Saturday, November 3, 2007

Down to 3 papers

Current Doing: just woke up from a long nap
Wishing for: Food. Am in need of them.

Paper was ok. I tried to recollect whatever i could remember. Whatever.

Came home tired, & hungry.
Am growing super skinny.
& i hate it.

So well. I just woke up. Had a 5 hour nap to be exact.
Was throwing my tantrum around when e family woke me up.

Kinda pissed at Saga.
Called him up yest to bring Shir's blades and when Shir & her sister went there, he didn't bring e blades and he was fuckin drunk. Fuck the bastard. Full time bitch. I hate him.

So Sorry Shir. I make sure we'll get it next Saturday.

I really cant make my entries any interesting.
Because. My life isn't interesting.
Or at times it is just interestingly complicated.
Complications & dramas come in involving friends & boys.


Or maybe I should write more on those..
Talk or Speech of the day from me.
Like what's been happening around me in my society that kinda shit.

I shall think of one next time.


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