Monday, October 29, 2007


Current Doing: Revising
Wishing for: To get done and over with this paper

Later on at 10 am will be my F & B paper
If this is done. Meant 5 more papers to go.

Earlier in the evening, went to Northpoint at Yishun with Shirin to drink at Starbucks. & i found out Starbucks just opened at Civic centre (which is much nearer!) just yesterday. I was so fucked up. But oh well. I bought lil bro's game which cost $74.90 (mom will kill me) & my game Sims 2 Seasons. Because I am just a big fan of sims. Don't mind paying $43.90 (actually its to be 42.90 but wth) for the game. I still yet to buy another expansion pack. haha..

Me & Shir made frens with this 19 yr old guy named KIT. Yeah. In NS.. In Army. Erm. It was ok talkin to him. he look bored so i had to like strike up a convo with him. Oh well..

Went off from that place around 9 plus. Met my secondary school friend Rahim. He asked me to like hang around for a bit by smoking. So yeah. I hanged around fer a while. He's one cheeky ass. He asked me if he have any chance of being with me. I lmao-ed. HAHA.

Then when i arrive home. Everyone was asleep.
Around 1 or 2 plus am, i was hungry, n i needed food pretty badly.
Needed someone to like accompany me go to a shop to buy food.
So the nearest person was. Sow.

Now i am full. & happy. & stressed. DUE to paper.

ARGH. I shall continue studying.

P.s Sims 2 seasons kinda cute. I hate the thunderstorm thou.


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