Sunday, October 7, 2007


Current Doing: Relaxing
Wishing for: coffee

So goes my Tagboard. At 1541hours if am not wrong. Someone using my name & goes saying "I need someone!" Woo~~ Tryin to make me look desperate huh.

Oh well.
I am flattered you wanna be me :) But go and find ur originality ok.
& as much as i'm single.
I have high abstinence.
& if . JUST IF. The imposter is someone who hates me.
Get over it already. Stop being rili stereo.

To Hidayat.
I DO remember you now!!
I used to be your Mary Jane remember? AHAHAH.
But erm. I forgot how u look like :S AM SO SORRRII.

Am bored. Bored bore bore boerbeorbeobreorbeobreoeorbeod.BORED.

Food today was macaroni cheese. I hope it makes me fat. At least.


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