Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Current Doing: Sitting back & relaxing

Wishing for: espresso

LOTS LOTS of things happened.

Not really bad. But good things :) & i rarely put good things up so i shall put aside all those whines & complaints of mine. First up.

Yesterday, I talked to Hana. Well I apologised to her sincerely due to some misunderstanding and wrong information. So it was alrite la.. I dunno how it is on her side really. But I know. I sincerely forgive her IF la she did bitch or anything. About the others. Am not too sure.

This morning. Hana & Vanisha told me to go to e front. They showed me somethin freakingly surprising. Our last minute project, got ....* drum roll plssss....* *drum roll******.... AN A!!! YAHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! That makes it like I have TWO As now!! YAHOOOOOOO!!!! F&B & Case study am not too sure cause i didn't get mine back just yet. Oh well. Shall wait.

Later on i have skool. & its e last day of skool. After that. Exams *shudders*

Shitos. Exams. SHITOS.

I AM happy!!!!!! Someone gave me a bouquet of Teddies!! ARHHH!!!! I CAN GO CRAZY!!! ARHHH!!! LALAALL. ARHHHHH!!!

Thursday & Saturday. Hari Raya Outing >:)

Oh yeah. Friday. I need to book Toni & Guy on Fri. Till here.

P.s I had ood food for e past 3 days :D:D


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