Friday, October 5, 2007


Current Doing: Lazing Around.
Wishing For: Espresso laa.

Wait. Let me check my visits and scores.
Woo~ Thanks to those who have recently visited.
And tagged.
OH well. That's life la kan.
Life isn't life without bitching.

& so. Now. I'm thinkin of what someone told me.
I have been changing cliques ever since Day 1.
DUH. I make frens.
& So. I apologised to them. For what I think I did wrong.
But other things that i KNOW they did wrong. I shan't apologise.

OK cool. So school's gonna be alrite for me. Am away from them.
Now am more able to concentrate on. Studies.
Hawabi Sultan is a nice lecturer after all. Understanding.
Can't wait to go out & eat later. Haiya.

Ok that's it for now.

P.s I can make 6 volumes of u people. I bitch. Coz u bitch-ED. It won't make me any different from u all. But it makes u all feel what i felt. U dun care? I dun care either :) Not anymore after this entry.


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