Monday, October 1, 2007

Millions of Apologies

Current Doing: Nothing much
Wishing for: Assignments to finish quickly

I am so sorry I have not been updating for quite sometime now. I must tell u people something. Just so that u know, when I open up my blog and stuff, I am only active the ferst few weeks or months to say. After that, i'll slack my way through. I prefer to keep certain happenings on my own and stuff. But oh well, I shall just update the most recent ones that I can really remember.

I remembered going out with Fir (to recap, the long lsot fren) to far East and eat Sakura. & then he bought Viceroy. Haha. sweet. And we ate Fried Mars Bars. I so love that. The next week went to the same place with Wan. Ate fried mars bars again. & coincidentally met dear Zyed who's now workin in his mom's Co. Woohoo i tell u. Rich bugger. Sheesh. & then a few days back went to Amirah's Grill with the sweeties. Shir,Sya2 & Syaz. It was Syaz's bdae so that's y. It was a cock up. But nevertheless, we did celebrate her bdae. WooHoo to dear Shirin. I so love her. & loves. The main course for me was ok. I asked fer medium Rare. They made it well done. Thanks eh.

After that, me & shir followed me `rents to Mustafa Centre. I was too tired after that. Slept at around 6 or so.. & then the next day. Off to work.

Oh yrah. Am on 1 month vacation from work.. to Study. Yes. I have to study. 7 modules i have to fucking study. Big time ARRRHGHGHGHH!!!

Let me see.. If there's anything else. Am not up to contacting anyone much. Colleagues said I look stressed and that I gone skinnier. Shitos . frankly. I feel stressed up. I really have no idea why. Mayb its because the study stress is here. Its good u know. Its good. haha.

P.s Nipple in pain. Other than that. that's it. Taa~


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