Wednesday, September 19, 2007


We, the children of the earth
Pledge to protect, guide & care for
the innocent, sick & opressed who have been broken through illness, circumstances
or crimes against humanity.

I, Azwina Fitria, pledge to do all that I can
Within the best of my ability to aid
My fellow brothers and sisters of the human race
Who have suffered burdens through the ignorance & selfishness of mankind.

I will strive to eradicate fear
& spread the message of love & peace
One soul at a time to those suffering from the poverty
of the mind, spirit or body.

I promise to help them rise,
To fight these wars with courage & faith
To make this place a better world
If not for us, then for the future generations

& for this I am called to duty,
to fight this war that has developed
Through the decadence of society
With all that I am & ever will be.

Credits to: ©2007 * Shirin;taintedbliss

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