Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Days Passed..

I just wanna reminisce all the times. I THOUGHT that the EX was EVERYTHING.. &.. different.. It was a thought.

How much I remembered.. When he said. . I was 'The One' for him. How he said, "After u, I'll never ever fall in love again." "Am gonna wait for u till i die."(i dunno y am like laughing now.) "I want your name to end with 'Taufik'" (p.s. this phrase was just days ago.)..

Well.. Look now. Who's with the words of love and who is without the words of love proving that the person do love. Boys, next time ever u get into a relationship. Never. Ever. Make promises that u know u cant fulfill. Since when boys wait?(I meant to those whoARE like this) & girls, dun ever be deluded. Dun always follow ur heart. Sometimes. U have to use ur brains to think. The moment ur heart sets in. Ur case will be like me. Wasting 3 fucked up years with a common bastard. & that common bastard got everything from me. EVERYTHING wad a guy wud want to get. Since I look like i am on the losing end. Well. I dun think so. I can manage without a companion. He needs someone to like complete him i guess. God knows. I really hope he will treat the new gf well. Or else, I have no other comments.

I need to go suntan soon la. To get Vit D for my belly :P. HAHAHA. Yes. I cant eat favourite crabs or whatever seafood nonsense. *groans*

Oh oh oh oh!! I got in contact with a long lost pal. & am planning to contact alot of frens that e past wudnt allow me to contact. LALALA~..

Till then. I am contented. for now..


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