Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tears after Tears after Tears..

Currently doing: Listening to No one else comes close.
Wishing for: Get over the past

I decided . To look back. To my pasy. That am aware which is still haunting me. I want to feel the pain. Not to torture. To squeeze anything out of me. I am aware i won't forget. but at least. I pray I can accept whatever is happening..

I won't plead for anyone's help now. No. I shall immerse myself. With this hurt. Till Ramadhan starts. I shall start. Looking forward. I dun wanna think of anything else. I am hurt. People will be thinkin am hurt by my own decision. No. Am hurt with what words he told me. Its just.. words.

And here i am dear.. Wishing & praying. Ur happy. Every hour. Every minute. Every second. I had a stupid wish. To turn back time. Another part of me says. Its good this happened. So i wudnt end up with a jerk like u. And another part said, we are not meant to be. Mayb just for now. Or maybe never at all.

But dear.. I wanna thank you. For teaching me what's love all about. U were the one I had loved after all. No no. Dun get me wrong. I dun miss u. I just miss what memories u gave me. Our happiness may be shortlived. but. I hope she is ur other means of happiness. Well. I wish .. Just one more wish. To at least, let u go. Or just please. Dun haunt me in my dreams. In my thoughts. Let each other go. PLS. Please..

To Bob & Wan:

I mean like. Both of u really are a good company. Supportin me and all.. I am so sorry that when i fall, u have to carry me up. I dun mean it to happen. I just cant help myself somtimes. Which is y.. I cant bring myself to have more feelings to any one of u. I cant. I just cant. & i dun want to. No. Not now. Not now when am healing. I so love (as frens) the both of u.. I will never forget. Just make sure. U both make me laugh like u always do. Coz i enjoy that.

To Hafez:

Thanks very much for willing to see me take baby steps. I appreciate it. Ur or maybe were in my shoes. I am glad I knew u. Thanks for being there for me and tellin me things tat encouraged me.

To Shirin:

Sweetie darling. Numbing isnt cool at all. I hate numbing. Thanks for being the best of the best even when am not at my best. Thanks for being like my saviour half of the time. I love u so much and i know.. Unlike guys. U never betray me.(still praying so..) If u r a guy. I wud have dated u. *chuckles*

Oh well. Selamat Berpuasa everyone. Puase time must have patience. Sabar. Sabar ialah separuh daripada iman. Insyallah.


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