Thursday, September 6, 2007

School ended early.

Current Doing: Listening to songs
Wishing for: To pierce belly ASAP

Now is like 11.10 am sia.
I arrived school around 10.20 like that. Barely there. Suddenly I heard the lesson ended. WTF?! I was feeling so freaked up coz the only words i heard from the lecturer was, "3000 customers","in the database", "in Singapore for 3 years". I Tadah. That was it. WTF?!!!

Ok fine. Now I am like with my classmate in the library playing our laptop. I thank GOD that I feell ike bringin my lappy today. If not i'll get bored to death.l Going home is NOT an option for me now. Haiyoyo. This is bullshit.

Well anyway. Plans for later on. Maybe la meet up with Qid to like go jln2 at town while waitin fer 1800Hrs to come as i wanna pierce me belly around that time. In the meantime I have to go eat and also get what i need to get. N that's a halter clubbing top. Prefer it look simple or something. Yes yes. I can't wait ok. I can't wait to shop. Woohoo.

OK that's that for now. Skool is really boring & i have some projects to do.
Till then..


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