Sunday, September 2, 2007

BOredoms at full strike

Current Doing: Listening to Malay Songs
Wishing for: Drink & get drunk


I am bored. The only person entertaining me now is Syafiq. Yah. I can call up Bob if i want to. But am in no position to talk much. If I were to call Safwan. I bet he's busy drinking. *roll eyes*
Called Fahmie earlier. Dun wanna kacau him much. Althou he's ard my area.. I shall just let him be. Hafez isn't online. This is fucking saddening. Shirin headed to bed as she has to wake up early tomorrow. I am effin' bored.

There's loads of others i cud call. I don't understand why.. Why i didn't call them.. Is it because.. He told me not to call any other guys? Why do i even listen to him when we're not going on or anything? Is it because i like him? Why do i even have hopes? I mean i know he do like me but.. Why do i even have hopes that rship wud turn out well? ARGHH! Sickening. He dun even have his bike yet. Imagine when he gets a license n a bike? I have to endure all e shit i endured when i was with Fik. Think iQi. THINK!! The only thing i know is this. I am NOT ready for any rship. Yah NO. & well.. I am being selfish.& i love e way i am now..

Not much of problems.. Free. Single.. & emotionally stable.. & *blinks blinks*.. NO WAY LA SEY!! I DUN WANNA LIKE anyone. Whatever uh. I dun want tat because of a guy am not even attached to like affect my emotions. This is so sickening fucking weak of me uh.. Care too much. Whatever nonsense. Whatever. Shitts. Its hard la this stupid MOFO hormones.

I miss..
The times when i have someone who pampers me so much..
The always first good meetings.. Where its always happiest..
The times i really find 'I Love You' meaningful..
The times making love is always a spiritual bonding ritual..
Those laughing times.. Haha...
All happy endings in my life...

Now.. I can only keep memories. I dunno why but am feelin really contented now.. Like. Way damn contented. Happy.. That i have poured.. Whatever i need to.. Hee..~~ I am happy.. SHalalalala~~ I am feeling so light laa.. I dunno y laaaa... N NO ok.. i dun do drugs..

Oh well then people. I am feelin much happy2! *claps2*


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