Monday, September 3, 2007


Current Doing: Revising on accounting
Wishing for: To understand this shit

SO yes. I have started revising and studyinng at last. Coz I have failed 3 fucken modules and it is really gettin on me.. I can't fail coz i Dun want to fail. Not coz I am scared of my parents but I wanna value their money. So yeah. & i have dreams.& i am currently chasing my dreams. But first. I have to go skool on time. Freak.

Argh. I cant understand a single shit about accounting. At least the others are pretty easy. I need help and i guess I will go to the lecturer to like help me out. If she has no time. I have to head to Vicky. OMG. OMG.


Things to look up on:

Friday- Celebrate Syaz's Bday.

Program?- The only thing i know is manicure.
- Food? Italian Restaurant??
- & erm night. I go Zouk i guess.

Then Saturday..
- Rollerblading. WooHOo!!
-Cuzzie Naz's Pit

- Nuryn's Marriage.

13th Sept
-Fasting month.

18th Sept
-Cuzzie Naz's Bday

22nd Sept
-Syazwan's Bday

Lotsa events uh. Shitos.


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