Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Haunts. Back. Me. Argh!

Current doing: Just finished reading F&B Mngmt
WIshing for: A freaking smoke!!!

I shall voice what i have been doing the past God knows how many days.
I shall start all the way last last SaturdAY.
Lotsa things happened actually.

Ok. Went to Cuzzie Naziha's bdae BBQ pit. It was alrite. But it was nicer in the evening. I made frens:) Again :) & found someone I know :) Again:) & sooo... Me & shir went rollerblading. I shall rush this entry. I fell down coz i rolled over mud. Dammit. & i scar-ed myself! Shitty la sey. & then a by passer helped me up. thank God. I wasn't embarassed or anything. It's painful!! & so blade a bit more here and there. Then around 8.30pm sent back. Oh well. I was stressed up when i found out the ex got another. So i kinda smoked my ass off. Instead of getting drunk. I smoked my ass off. Yea. SMOKED MY ASS OFF. Dammit. then Shir's ex msged her sayign there's underage party at Phunk Bar. Bcoz she's not legal just yet. & i badly want her company. We went to Phunk Bar. I can only say. Oh shit. What a place to go. I enjoy the songs. Not really the company. Like PFfFFFFffT!!! . Then Saga came and bought 2 jugs of JD coke. So erm Shirin drank it all in less than 30 mins. Yikes isnt it. Thanks hun ^.^ & then we headed to MOS. Shir can't go in. In the end headed to Pump Room. The place's kinda. 30 & above o.O But i enjoyed the last song oni. Hahhaa. & Baileys on the rocks.. *shining eyes*

& soo.. We went off at 3 plus. Reached home at 4 plus. Shir bunked in with me. HAhA. Shir. SLeeping with u feels rili lesbian. Serious shit.

Then Mon & tue & wed went out with Bob. Wed afternoon went out with Wan & guess what. Faris' gf is a.. the girl that i made frens with at phunk Bar. Small world la sey. Kite kecoh la skit..
So after that we went to eat at Bugis whereby its hawker centre that was fucking crowded. N i hate the heat. I didn't finish my food because I had food before that. Then we watched a fucking fucked up lame movie called Naraka 19. DO NOT watch it. EVER. ITS a fucked up fucking BULLSHIT la sia. I felt really bad wasting Wan's money. After the show, met Shir after accompanying her somewhere. She was happy. & NEGATIVE had never sounded POSITIVE. *dances* So we went to Beach Rd to eat. Some muttons or something. & we had BBQ chicken wings. Yummiee.. Shir bought ciggies. Sampoerna -.-' I hate e after taste. Then we head backk home and talk3.. Then I was home. Hee. Wed was really simple.

Friday was work. Yes yes. Work. Saturday.. was.. Home all the way. Sun was wek. Mon was.. some shitty stuff happened.

Tuesday was memorable. Daddy said he love me. I was so damn touched. I love him so much. I cudnt cry. Or else my fasting is in a way. Broken. I ended up being in civic library. So yeah. thats that :D & after that accompanied Bob to BBDC. Got his license. *WENG**WENG* then went break fast wit shir at Causeway POint Banquet. Hanged around and smoke. & tadah. Home.


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