Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Current Doing: Nothing
Wishing for: To go to School.

I am not being at my best.
Yesterday was hell.. I wasn't in a good mood. I have no idea why. I was damn rude to Wan. I feel bad sia.. I was being a tad sensitive with hafez. No idea why oso. I wasn't in a mood to rili chat with friendly dear Syafiq. & I slept earlier than usual.

I learnt something..
I know i hate being neglected and stuff. I know that alot. I know I will need to be neglected but not on purpose sometimes because people has their lives to go through and that they have work or school or any other stuffs that they like or don't like doing. I have to understand that they can't always be there for me.
Be as busy laaaaaa. And make sure i have no time to feel neglected. Or mayb i will la. But wth kan. I mean they are busy. Its not like they didnt layan me or anything. They called me up. Or went online to chat with me. They know i ought to be online.. So they hope( i think so) that i will get online.

I THINK laaa.. dear EX found someone already, *shrugs*.. Who knooows.. Wish them all e best.. N as for me.. HAHA. Found a FEW. Who are my frens.. Nice frenss...I love them.. I love Bob,Wan,Hafez,Shirin,Syafiq,Shafiq,Hui2,Hasmida,Naziha..They are the beshtestestestestest.

Urm.. I need chocs. I need super brain boosters. I need someone to go out ice skating with me.. I need a pair of blades.. I need a lot of freaking things. dammit. My pay this month is kinda low. Coz i was most of the either late.. & i didnt go work fer 3 days. SICK. k SIIIICK.

Am getting my belly pierced. Mcm YAY2! gituu..
Am out of things to say..

OH YAHH.. Wanna add in la..
SAT, St James Power Stn!! WOHOO. At last la eh clubbing ehk..

N Syaz's bday postponed to next Friday.

This Friday i have no school kaan. So erm.
No idea where to go.

Till then..

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