Saturday, September 1, 2007


Current Doing: Lying Down Feeling sick.
Wishing for: My nose to stop running

OK LA U ALL. IRRITATING U KNOWWW!! Die2 i need to update. SOrii laaa i forgot to update. Or more to lazy.. OK!! NOW TELL ME.. where shud i start la sey..

Ok. Lets start last Saturday. OK?

Me & Shir planned to go rollerblading on tat day. We dun want e hot hot sun so we went near to evening. We were wearing pretty slacked. nono. VERY slack. Haha. So we head off to ECP by bus 966. LALALA~

By the time we're there.. I was pretty excited oredi. Like looking at everyone rollerblade n stuff.. So we walked a lil bit faster. Went to the first blade/bike rent shop. It was pretty packed la sey... Well i noticed one of the guy workin there kept lookin at me. So i move away from him. We rented a pair or blades fer me and a locker. Then we headed fer e road. HAHA.

Shir was kinda freaking out coz she dun rili blade at places where there's too many people. LOL. i was rili happy to be able to blade again. Heehee.. Around 6 plus.. It was raining. Not that heavy. But raining. It was fuuun.. After that around 7 plus.. .I THOUGHT i saw policeman or something. But it turned out to be those bicycles who has rili colouful blinking lights. Shir laughed at me. I really felt so freaking blonde. Dammit. We bladed for like 2 hours. NON STOP. FUN la seyy... Then when going back, the guy at the shop remember? He asked fer my number. LOL. Then while me n shir walking n smoking. Some group of mats asked fer our number. Me n her gave them a wrong no. The bad thing was tat they also stay ard woodlands. FREAK kan..Then we headed to marine parade to eat. YUm yum. I was super hungry. Then we headed back home. Sleeping in e bus. tiredd.. FUN TIRED FUN TIRED.


2 days ago. I had another depression. It was mayb because am too used to be attached. (to add in. attached but feelin unattached at e same time.THEN). So i have to like get used to e feeling of.. not having a bf. HAHA. Well. I talked to Syafiq abt it.. Syafiq was tryin his besst to make me feel better. lol. Thx. That time.. wanted to talk to Hafez. But he was playing game n needed to sleep.. So i didnt rili told him anything.. Well yeah.. whatever..


Yesterday was work n stuff. before that met my sec school frens. Misses them lots laa.. they r freaaking funny. I wont say much fun but funny. HUHU. Misses them laaa


Me n mom isnt on talking terms for like 1 week oredi. I dun care uh. i love her. But i rili cant b bothered by this attitude of hers. it gets on everyones' nerve. Oh well. BAD news. I failed 3 modules. Passed 1. Irritating sak.

P.s I got hold of Nuryn's PORN VID.. WAHAHAHHAHA. AM EVIL LA SIA..


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