Saturday, October 27, 2007

Worried shit.

Current doing: Looking at Q.Q
Wishing for: The vet to open!!

First it was Tikkie. Tikkie is sick. He's having pretty bad flu virus. He went to the vet. Now, he's spreading to the other 4 cats. For now its 1 though. & that's Q.Q

& i am fucking worried. Q.Q has her mouth like hanging open. She can't breathe through her nose now. She needs to breathe through her mouth. Her flu is pretty bad.. She is coughing as well. PLUS she feels warm. So i guess she's having fever.

I couldn't go to the vet cause its closed now. Night clinic's only open on Mon til Fri. Now Fik is worrying. Mom is worrying. I AM worrying. Fuck. I can't stand lookin at my baby like that. I dun want her to die!!!

Note: I just read up that cats DO have HIV. But its called Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). Cute eh. But its not due to intercourse -.-. Its due to blood or fluid contact. & that includes saliva. If a cat is a home cat, NEVER let it out.

My cats get their flu virus from outside. ARGH. I cant stand this. Q.Q please get well soon.

Oh yeah. I don't have a tagboard so. Fuck it.

Am still deciding if i should go for the Halloween party. But i dun wanna waste $20 on a lame one. Planning to go clubbing but i didnt get my halloween costume yet. so yeah. fuck paartying. I guess am stuck home studying fer my monday paper? can't wait? HAHA. Hell i cant wait to finish up all my exams and party my ass off for sure.

Nothin much of updates just that I am goin back to working on the 4th of November.


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