Saturday, October 20, 2007

Best at first. Traumatizing at last.

Current Doing: Chatting
Wishing for: To forget what happened.

Had my sup marketing paper just now. It was easy. Because the questions are like exactly the same that I studied everything for it. If I dun get a distinction, at least a pass. Wee~

So after that went to find my handbag. Decided on this Charles & Keith Handbag. its white and transparent. Cool eh. I am too lazy to take a pic of it. After that, I'm going Raya outing with Fik & Team LK. So. I had to head a bit later due to my paper.

Fik fetched me from home and so we rode to Bishan. I thought it's gonna be like 5 or 6 bikes. It was like 10 bikes or so. big time Yikes i tell you. It was kinda happening. With e big group and all. That was in the day. We went to like 5 houses. After the 5th house, we were to head to Woodlands, to adeQ's house. But at Yishun, near chong Pang, 2 of the bikes had an accident. 3 of our members fell. Bruised very badly. 2 of them got warded.This incident happened at 7 plus PM. One of them was a girl. She dislocated her arm. it was fucking bad. She had a lot of bruises. And she was crying. She was in Pain. I FELT her pain. Behind them was.. adeQ & Naz. Luckily Naz had an e-brake or else, adeQ n Naz wud have been thrown out of their bikes. Shit. I was lucky Fik accelerated. If not. Both of us wud get involved in it.

Oh well. I was traumatize. Like. i was SHIT. WTF just happened. I cried a little.. Coz i was like frightened. adeQ was rili frightened too.. Sigh..


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