Saturday, October 27, 2007

Glitch after Glitch

Current Doing: Eating junks
Wishing for: Menses to stop still.

I am like super bored right now. I am done with studying.
Gaming will come later.

I am almost done with stupid updating blog glitches (still figuring out since 2 pm) , updating tagged & friendster profile.

Edit pics here and there to make the blog/friendster look a bit more appealing (though i dun find any much difference for my friendster as I am not gonna be active there.) Plus i hate friendster cause it is too known. & private pics of mine are seriously too private for them to see. Well i dun care what the outsiders think, but i do care of what MY relatives would think. I hate unnecessary confrontations. They won't understand what's photography anyway.

So i decided to like make my blog public again. For now. I dun have much gossip. So i shall make it public.

Aaron is always super sweet. I pity his pinky o.o Seriously. I mean. U'll get what i mean if you go to his blog.

I have not been chattin much with dear Hafez. I hope he's ok. Miss him loads. This new buddy of mine, Zul. Is super nice. As in. Super nice as in. Cool fren. Crapping around with him is cool.

Dear shir wanted to go Bintan. I doubt so I wanna go. I mean i wanna party and stuff but.. Bintan is far :( I mean far frm me mommy. & it feels unsafe & my mind thinks its a bad idea. I wanna go Genting!!! Anyone please choose to go Genting pls pls pls psl splsp slspslsplspslpslpsl.!!!


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