Thursday, January 17, 2008



I am awol-ing from the net lately.
& I won't be online on MSN much unless needed.
So to those who're tryin to contact me.
Please beep me up either phone or HP.
& those who don't know my new number.
Just too bad. Oh & if you wanna know..
I am still switching on my old number.
So do get through me & i will tell you my new number.

Lately I am trying to forget the past.
As i frequent the internet. (AS A PAST)
So I have been busy & here i am.
Just passing by my time to put in some entries of what recent happenings.

& yes i am loving my life a lot that i dun think its necessary for me to go online.
Other than that. I am still waiting for my fucking results. It is fucking late & i am fucking frustrated. Like its holding off my plan to go full time for a while. Effin' shit.

Other than that. Dun expect me on MSN :)


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