Thursday, January 3, 2008

Yet another day..

Current mood: Tired
Wishing for: Java Chip Frappe

Today I was stationed at noodle (as always).
It was busy the first 2 or 3 hours.
Then it was kinda slack next 1 hour.
& then slightly busy till 945pm

Dear assembler didn't come.
So i was stationed alone.
& i have to get used to that. Yes.
I pray Friday she'll come.
Or else. I don't know.

So the day went out as per normal.
Like any other days.
Just that I could keep sayin am happy today Aaron's working.
Note: I "moved in" with Ryan :D As in my locker.

& today i was a bit blur. As in i spilled alot of shits here & there.
I can't wait for my Dip results seriously.

& everyone else has started school.
I am jealous.JEALOUS that everyone starts school.
What else.. I owe Aaron 3 things !!

Major one is his xmas present.
But don't worry.
I planned it out already anyway. Nyehahaha.

His b'day comin this 20th Jan.
I called his Hp just now. I guess he's in e loo..

P.s My right eye has been twitching e past 2 days.
I wonder what it means..


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