Monday, January 14, 2008

Another Food Spree I(LATE Post)


Me & Aaron were pretty over dressed today.

We met around 2 plus pm.

Met Qiu Yan at Yishun platform at 3 pm.

We dropped at AMK as i needed to buy something.

After like 15 mins, we went to Marina Square to go to Pasta De Waraku.
For pictures, kindly drop by at
Aaron's Blog. Because I am seriously lazy
to upload the pictures.

Ok food there was AWESOME . Like seriously.
Not the best of the best but better than the rest that i tried.
Their clam chowder waraku style was YUMMY LA SIAL.BETTER THAN THAT LONG JOHN SILVER

& as usual. pictures are all at Aaron's blog as well :D.
Ok after that we went to watch movie.
It's called One missed Call.
I had never had a very funny experience in a theatre or my first time hearing people laugh while watching a horror movie. Cause irony was the show isn't a comedy at all. It was fucking suspense.

There's this one scene whereby it was in a suspense mode, and when the suspense unleashed, it wasn't the ghost but a lady talking. The whole thing was tat the lady was the one who looked scary and the whole theatre laughed.
Another funny thing happened was the show was seriously suspensing all of us that when the shocking part came out some people behind was practically shouting "What the fuck? & Chibai!!" Hahaha. I swear.. The whole theatre laughed.

After the show, e 3 of us decided to go home. & camwhored all the way. My fucking feet had blisters. I was wearing heels -.-'

Ok thats just it fer that day. hahah. But i had always enjoyed my day.

P.s I can't really eat at home lately as house's under renovation. The kitchen. So pfft. More money coming out this month. DAMN.

P.P.s I love Aaron.


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