Saturday, January 26, 2008

Overall Here & There

Current Doing: Folding clothes
Wishing for: My wardrobe to be purely used with hangers!!!

I have been sneezing.
It shows i have to start cleaning up the house. Damn.
& am gonna do it after am done with folding e bloody clothes or when i feel up to it.

So its true. Liven stole the phones & stuff. He had the master key. Oh well. He deserves any punishment & stuff.

Early in the wee hours after work, we had a urinenion (reunion) Dinner. Consists of Me, Hui Hui, Qiu Yan, Mark, Alex, Ryan & erm Mr.Lemon. I have no idea what's that guy's name just that he bought ice lemon tea just to chew on the lemon. Freaky shit. It was freaking fun. Damn fun. Oh & Aaron join us a bit later. Then there's this guy Zul, (i knew him somewhere but I forgot where. Somehow he knows me too.) he offered me a cigarette. Haha. How tempting when he just showed me that Menthol box. Gosh.

So after eating and stuff, it was open table time. & as expected, they speak in mandarin mostly. I dun mind at all! As in am tryna learn so i try to grab some words here & there & try to guess as well. I guess my guessing do help at times. I have to learn summore *twitch*

So after much talking i had to go home. Daddy has been calling me & i hate to start fighting with him. That's just it. Its fun in a way we laughed a lot.

I got some of my Diploma results.

Food & Beverage, Case Studies in Travel & Tourism, Communication Skills in Tourism & Information Technology in Tourism all PASSED. Cool la sial.

I failed Accounting & Economics. Damn.

I still yet to get another 2 more results. Can't wait.

So here I am. Bored. Seriously shitty bored. ArgHHhh!!!

Till then..


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