Thursday, January 24, 2008

Things to add on

As far as i can say.

I am having that time of the month.
& it was cramping pretty badly 2 days ago,
that when i went to work, I had to go off earlier.
Which makes it i was at work fer only 1 hour plus.

I am seriously unhealthy.
Firstly, I am anaemic.
Anaemia - A pathological deficiency in the oxygen-carrying component of the blood, measured in unit volume concentrations of haemoglobin, red blood cell volume, or red blood cell number.

On the bottom line, lack of red blood cells .
It isn't cool as when am having my mense, i lose blood and i will be weak plus i will get dizzy easily.

2nd, if i were to give birth, there's a possibility I can die.
3rd, i can't do vigorous exercise as after awhile, i will wanna faint/vomit.

Those are the major ones though.

& oh yes.

I shall try add some stuffs to the blog. Cause I am gettin effin bored of my blog though frankly I am loving the skin still. I shall try think of things to animate it or just to entertain. I SHALL TRY though.

Watched the show Shutter with baby aaron. LoL. 3 scenes we screamed. Or i screamed. He was shocked. Traumatizing. We end up hugging like each other. & me tellin him to watch on his own while i hide my face under e covers. Seriously hilarious.

& baby boy has been taking care of me pretty well & that i really love him alot.
Thank you baby. :)

P.s I can't believe 'L' was the one that stole the handphone! Now 'L' is suspended from work. & internals are like tellin each other not to trust the closer ones. Tsk tsk. Now who e hell can we trust? Sheesh

Till then.. I don't really have much updates :D


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