Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year [2008]

Happy New Year People.

This goes out all to whoever I knew, I still know & those am going to know in future!
It also goes to those I love, those I just said Hi-Bye & those I Hate.

I would like to say I have put whatever my pasts are/were & I shall forgive (& I rarely forget) whatever mishaps.mistreats. But i still won't forgive the EX so yeah.

So I do not really believe in new year resolutions because this kinda thing is mostly meaningless to me as i do not really do them. But i do have one wish though. & that is to get my driving license by my birthday & after that at least speak proper mandarin by the end of the year (haha). Oh & also get at least $3000 savings in my account (SERIOUS ShIT).

Reflections for 2007.

Nothing much. Happiest moments would be ME meetin AARON & having the time of my life with him. ME stop smoking as well!! WOOHOO!
2007 is also the best time that I had with friends. When I first worked at Ulu Ulu. I met lots of nice friends who wud be there for me. That they are worth callin brothers & sisters.

2007 is also the time where I partied most of the time rather than be at home. *lol*
& also the time whereby I learnt a lot from a 3 year rship. Yeah. It is a bad experience but on the other hand. The good ones I shall cherish. & not to forget having a dance performance was as always. Uber fun.

Christmas for 2007 wasn't all up to expectations but spending time with that special someone seriously makes a lot of difference. Like I never get to spend quality time with the specialone when Am in my last rship. Oh hell. No details.

So 2007 was mainly rship probs i guess. But nevertheless, I did enjoy my life.. & no kidding, I am looking forward to what's in store for me this year (finger crossed hope its a good one.).

Btw, how do you find my new mp3 player? Cute or not??

P.s Sorry that my first 2008 entry's late :D
P.p.s Don't call me iQi anymore. Ina pls :D:D


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