Monday, January 21, 2008


On this date. & Day(a Sunday).

Was Baby Aaron's birthday.
& I shall tell you what happened that day.
I wanna blog it properly (if i can helpt it).
& details.
I shall try not to meander too much.

Starting of the day goes back all the way 4 am.

I was preparing a present for him. Something I had never done in my life.
& that was making a video. A speech in a way.
& also involved some electronic birthday card by photoshop & piling of pictures
& his favourite/memorable songs.

Slept around 7 plus.
Woke up around 12 plus noon. To start doing last minute compiling and burn em on a disc.
Got ready pretty late & 4 or so, went out of the house to Causeway Point.
Bought him a birthday cake. From Swensens. YEAP. Cookies & Cream Ice cream cake! Yippee!
But they had no bag. & that's like almost spoiling all my plan to surprise him & stuff. I had to like carry the box of cake without a bag that resulted in people looking at me & the cake. Oh gosh. It was pretty embarrassing.

Oh yeah, I had a bad hair day that I wore my cap all through the day.

So anyway, met Aaron at CCK control station & hid e cake behind me. Thanks to the wall i was leaning against, it helped hide the cake a lil. So I gave him the disc & the cake at e same time. He was embarrassed as well.

So we took a cab to Botanical Gardens!! YEAH!! We spent his birthday there. I wouldn't call it romantic. But i find it really unique. It was pouring slightly when we were in the cab. That I was a bit worried if my plan fails. The ice cream cake can hold on only for an hour or so. But oh well, by the time we arrived, it was pretty sunny. & the first view was really welcoming. It was nice.

We started out walking towards the Swan Lake. A whole big lake, we only found 2 swans. We have a video of it. But am not gonna post it here. After a while, we walked towards the F&B side. Wanted to find seats,plates,fork n spoons or any cutleries that could allow us with the cake cutting. But found out the Restaurant is too fine dining. So in the end there was this snack shop we bought drinks & took spoons and serviettes.

We walked around to get some shelter before it starts to drizzle too heavy.
We found this shelter nearby ad started e ceremony. Ok. We video the ceremony. Hahaha.
We decided since we dun have any knife for the cake, we shall just dig in with the spoon. Cool rite? Like no one has ever done that (as far as i know).

Not 5 mins, mozzies starts to bite me.I swear I should have brought along my Mozzie repllent.DAMN. Its fucking frustrating that i kept complaining and told him let's go to an open area. We went to the open area we really wanted. Sat on the bench while watching other families playing frisbee and dogs and lil kids. We took LOTS of pictures. Oh u can find the pics in my friendster. I was so happy that I even stopped complaining about the mozzie bites.Halfway eatin we tried taking pics of me leaping up in e air & snapped. It was seriously fun! Plus the background was so perfect! Like the clouds were really pretty. Include all those greenery. DAMN. & we finished our cake. & took more pictures.

We saw this tree that has a long steady bark & seeing kids are climbing them, i decided i want it too! Cause I had NEVER climb a tree. Reason because there will be ants *pouts*. We went to climb the tree and took pictures!! Wee~~ Fun sia.

After that we went back towards the F&B area as we wanted to go to e loo and then took pics again at this small water fall. WooHoo.

Nearly sunset, we headed for the entrance and decided to watch movie over at Jurong Point.
We had an hour plus after buying the tix. Oh we watched Cloverfield. I shall rave about it later in the entry.

We went to eat at Fish & Co. I ordered Swordfish Collar & Baby was Grilled Salmon. When MY food came, my jaw dropped. I had never eaten a fish so effin big in my life. It looked so funny because am small sized. & the platter was like it was for Aaron instead of me. So i kinda like try to eat slowly. The taste was a lil bit more CHICKEN than fish. Fortunately Aaron was there to like take all those fishy tasting parts. I dun like when food tasted too fishy. So I couldn't finish. It was huge ok!

After that then we headed for the movie. The movie was not that bad. It was really exhilarating. I will give them 3 1/2 over 5 :) Because the ending was pretty abrupt as I expected them to be.

Well Aaron sent me home that night and we chatted for a while.

Convo was..

Ina: How was your past celebration with you friends?
Aaron: (silence)
Ina: (silenceD)
Aaron: *Head looking up moving around. Fidgeting*
Ina: Are you ok? What are you looking at?

& well it was a really touching moment for us. It wasn't a kiss or whatever intimate things ok. It was just something. I can't explain o.o But whatever it is, i feel extremely satisfied knowing that he is happy on his birthday. Well. Very much happy.

I love you.

P.s Sorry I dun fancy putting up pictures in my post. They are messy in my point of view.
P.P.s If you want pictures. MAYBE Aaron's Blog has them:D

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