Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Relation to PhiQ'S Profile.

I am goin straight to the point.

Firstly THANKS a LOT for telling the whole world about us. Yeah. & some of it isn't even true.
FirstLY, i DO NOT & HAD never made ANY possible ways to say this break up is ur fault. If u rili remember, i had ALWAYS said this breakup is OURS. In a rship, its always abt US n NOT U or just ME. GET THIS STR8 TO UR HEAD. Second, u can't DENY that I AM neglected. EVEN though u did try to make time, & it always involved FUCKING which am gettin sick n tired of it.

& my entertainer is just a FREN. What's ur problem? we NEVER had talked on the phone. DO NOT assume. THATS WAD u ALWAYS told me. I LIKE my singlehood YES. BUT IT DOESNT MEAN i go FUCKING ARD like a free WHORE. COZ I AM NOT. PLUS. YAH. I DO MISS U N STUFF. I DO LOVE U. BUT I AM NOW SCARED TO FEEL ALL E LONELINESS. TO BE ATTACHED & at e same time.. feeling like i have NO ONE. & U KNow me. WORDS ARE POWERFUL TO ME. ESPECIALLY WHEN I A M HURT. TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT. THATS JUST ME. & I HAD NVR TOYED WITH UR FEELINGS. Like U, with no one to talk to after e break up, u went to that girl to help her. For ME, i need someone to at least talk to when am lonely. Thats just it. Coz THEY can give me attention. While u CANT. & i dun seek LOVE from them. GET UR FACTS STR8 LA eh. & stop being a SORE LOSER tryna pin point everything to me! COZ U know urself. I CANT FALL I N LOVE NEMORE. I CANT.

& WITH THESE PAST 3 YRS. U HAD ALWAYS TOOK ME AS I HAD NVR CHGED. UR JUST LIKE MY PARENTS. E oni thing u wanna see is my past flaws. But u never wanna see what good stuff i can do. I just have to get away from u. Coz WHEN I WANNA LET OUT MY FEELINGS TO U. U WILL GET ALL MOODY. & U START TO TAKE MY TALKS AS NAGS. SO IT JUST SHOWS THAT U DUN WANNA HEAR. SO GIMME A GOOD REASON Y AM I SPOSE TO STAY? Ur money is not the love i want really. I seriously want attention. & thats that. U cant gimme. Then u can give ur VERY GOOD GAL FREN N BE THERE PHYSICALLY FOR HER OK? COZ I HAD NEVER HAD THAT KIND OF TREATMENT FRM U.

So tell me now. Is it JUST my fault?


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