Friday, August 3, 2007

Feeling 'Pfft'

Current Doing: Munching on Kinder Bueqno Aza bought fer me.
Wishing for: Harry Potter & e Deathly Hallows


This is boring.
It is like everyone who's spose to be online at nite. isn't online.
Is it because the whole day i wasn't online?
I think they thought I abandoned them.


I wudn't abandon anyone (unless they are fucks).
& plus i never abandon anyone without saying goodbye ;)

Oh well.

Things to look upon:

1. Going to a pit at Pasir Ris this Saturday.
Mom, Dad - expect me home late ok.

2. Still considering Siloso beach party
Mom, Dad - trust me. I am not going to drink (*prays*)

3. Prays that I pass at least 2 modules. Or else....

4. Missing Syasya rili alot.

Whatever it is. I only know my life is pretty... Stagnant..

Should I be blogging about Azahar now? Ok. He is courting me. Ok.
There. I let e truth out.
As much as i appreciate the attention..
I am really not interested to have another.
After my last rship.
& almost a lot knew i am still not over him yet..
I can't and don't want to have another.
sigh.. I rejected him over n over.
With whatever his advances were. I CANT. N WONT. N DONT

Am just not ready.
I hope Fik is fine with everything he's doing.
I hope Aza is fine with what i just blogged.
I hope Fezguin is online la sey!!!!! HAIYA

P.S I found my primary skool fren! *yippee*


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