Sunday, August 19, 2007


Current Doing: Listening to songs naked.
Wishing for: A lot of things la.

Few days back wasn't feeling particularly well. But oh well. Am slightly better now.
Went to Bedok to Mama's house 2 days ago. N overnight there.

Rewind some more went to town with Wan & Shir. It was enjoyable in one way or another. First me and Wan went to eat at BK. Truthfully, I dun really like eating these places. Hahha. So Shir came around 630 or so. So yes. We end up eating at SteakHouse. Hahah. The waiter was a very good service-er. I mean like. they really do give good service. & then I threatened Wan if ever he gets on my nerves am gonna end up flirting with the waiter (whichever waiter that'll come to pur table when i say "bill pls"). he was like haha. I left some tips for the waiter coz i think they should get it.

Then we head ourselves to the movie. Rush Hour 3. It was predictable. But funny. Thanks to the humour. It wasnt boring.. Then we have really nowhere to head. We head HOME. YES HOME.

so forward a bit. Went to mama's house. Met Wan again. Coz he lives at Bedok. Then didn't go work coz nt feelin well... & then go TM babysit this small boy with Wan,Ace & Ween. Gahhhh

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