Monday, August 6, 2007


Current Doing: Chatting & Frust
Wishing for: E words I t yped to come back.


I shall narrow down straight to the main story for Saturday.

Went drinking at BFD at East Coast with Shir.
Had fun really. With this random Ang Moh name Bryan who bought us dranks.
total 4 shots of Baileys. Shir had more. A LOT MORE.
We also Drank Jack Daniels 1 jug.
I was high. Really high.
Shir was high too. Nearly drunk.
WE made frens with e Consultant & the bartender. Fun Fun.

Here are e pics.

This is one eidtted one. I was nearly high in here.
Cause we haven't get our Baileys Quick Fuck.

This is Shir & Me. Also nearly High.

Me. & my red face. I hate my red face.

This looks so emoshit. But its a random pose.

HAha. In e toilette as u can see..

P.S The bartender was cute.


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